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Here you'll see the research i've done so far
First on my way to robot wars i needed to do research and the perfect place for that was the robot wars homeland

This is one of my soon to be ENEMIES
Yes your right its choas2 a robot who is serious disliked be most other teams or roboteers and who I want to destroy the most
  This roboteers website was the most....
Well basically it is the best site to get information and use it againest the cocky idiots this is definately a good site to get information off. Click on the robots picture to be linked to CHAOS 2's site or go through my link page.

The ULTIMATE robot in my eyes
RAZER (left) this robot is one of the most original, destructive and yet the most unlucky robots in the wars. This robot is a robot if I face I will be happy to lose to even in the finals because he has a problem with winning only in the heats but can win anything else. Click on the robot for a link.

There aint no pussycat websites so go here instead

This will be a tough journey and hell i'm gonna do it
The next pages will show technical specifications and you can find links to all the showen websites

To robotwars offical site

The Razer tailed Robo
My soon 2 be challenger

This is also a very strong and versitile robot
Yes it is Pussycat don't be fooled by the name this robot is dangerous the only real challenge 2 Razer a unflipable ungrabable robot not to mess with.

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